Redsella is an advanced data analytics consultancy, providing innovative bespoke solutions to a range of problems using a unique blend of commercial awareness, experience & advanced analytical techniques.

Our services range from advice & consultancy, through solution design & business validation pilots, to operational deployment, training and support.

"We cannot recommend them highly enough ... they are now trusted advisers to our company"
Ed Jackson, Director, Domestic & General

Projects typically involve one or more of the following key areas.

Insight & Knowledge

Gain a deeper insight into the behaviours and events that affect your business - where the value, cost & risk hot spots are, what drives certain actions, the trigger events to look out for, what threats and opportunities exist & how things are changing.

Strategy & Planning

Use this insight to guide strategy development and inform planning cycles, in order to achieve your goals. Powerful forecasting, simulation & optimisation processes can help to speed up this process and ensure the best possible results.

Optimal Execution

Execute the resulting strategy with the help of advanced predictive analytics to ensure efficient use of resources and accurate targeting of the most appropriate actions across all channels, in real-time or batch mode, thereby maximising performance and returns.

Why Make Redsella Your Data Analytics Partner?

At Redsella we believe each customer is unique. We don't turn handles - we listen to your problem, propose a pragmatic solution that fits your timescales, resources and budget and then deliver on that promise.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the service we provide - which is probably why our founders have been pioneering the use of advanced data analytics in business applications for over 25 years now.

To learn more about the Redsella approach, including our initiative to provide FREE healthcare analytics, click below.

Our Approach

Enhance Insight & Efficiency Across Your Organisation


Understand who your customers are and what they want. Target them with the right offer at the right time through the right channel. Increase sales & satisfaction, reduce costs & churn and maximise ROI by optimising marketing plans.


Identify accounts likely to slip into arrears in time to provide assistance, assess which debts will recover and which won't and plan accordingly. Optimise recovery operations, maximise liquidity and minimise write off.


Underpin strategic planning with science. Forecast likely returns, simulate overall performance and optimise resource allocation and strategy, in order to achieve all targets & constraints set by the business.

Operations & Logistics

Identify and understand bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Simulate & optimise schedules, route plans, processes & workflows in order to maximise performance. Pre-empt costly failures using predictive maintenance.

Security & Fraud

Audit historic data silos & monitor real-time feeds. Identify suspect events, unusual outcomes and suspicious anomalies. Score actions, locations, accounts etc. with relevant risk levels. Optimise the application of counter measures.

Research & Development

Use us as your R&D team to create new approaches and innovative solutions. Develop and test prototypes. Generate validated business cases for their deployment based on solid, quantitative results. All without impacting your day-to-day operations

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