Our Ethos

Redsella provides the advanced analytical support our clients need to prosper in the modern business environment. It was formed with three key aims in mind:

  • To provide clients with innovative data-driven solutions that quickly pay for themselves through real bottom line returns
  • To provide the highest levels of quality, service, reliability and integrity to our clients, building long term partnerships beyond individual projects
  • To use part of the profits from the business to help fund FREE data analytics projects in the areas of medical research, clinical practice and preventative healthcare

At Redsella we believe advanced data analytics can have a real impact on the performance and efficiency of a wide range of disciplines, including medical applications. But often there is often little or no budget to pursue these opportunities. That's why we have decided to provide our services free of charge for non-commercial healthcare applications, in order to help ensure that at least some of these opportunities become reality.

Our History

Redsella's founders, Dr Michael Kerin & Dr Jaan Nellis, have between them nearly 50 years of experience in the advanced data analytics market, mainly applied to solving business problems. In that time they have created many innovative processes and bespoke solutions and were among the first to pioneer the use of intelligent systems to solve commercial problems. They have provided real bottom-line benefits to clients in a wide variety of industries, whilst building a reputation for quality, reliability, integrity & service.

Through Redsella, they are now using that combination of quality & experience to generate benefits for clients in new fields that are only just emerging or becoming data rich, such as the 'Internet of Things', as well as continuing to serve those that have been reaping the rewards of data analytics for some time now. Whatever the market, the commitment to providing a high quality service and building long term relationships with clients remains unaltered.

Our Partners

If you have a need for services which compliment Redsella's offering, such as marketing content, data storage infrastructure or change management, then we have a number of tried and trusted partners who can help, each with a long and successful pedigree. Contact us to find out more.

Our Company - In A Nutshell?

Our Famous Word Chilli - The 'KN' Pepper That Gave Us Our Name