Audits & Advice

From help with one-off tasks like tool or vendor procurement, through to developing full blown road maps which take your organisation from its first steps in exploiting the power of data analytics through to best-practice, state of the art capability, Redsella is your in-house expert.

We can quickly audit your current infrastructure and capability to advise on project viability and provide recommendations for quick-wins and longer term development plans, tailored to your needs and your business.

Pilots & Prototypes

We can work with you to develop & test bespoke solutions to your problems, allowing you to quickly exploit the power of advanced data analytics in a way that is uniquely suited to your business issues, using our knowledge and experience.

Business Case Development

Based on the pilot and prototyping work, we can help you to develop an internal business case which demonstrates the value that will be provided by taking your solution operational. This approach minimises the risk and cost of adopting advanced analytics solutions fro your business, whilst validating the returns that will be achieved before altering your current business model.

Operational Solutions

Once the potential benefits have been identified, we can develop a robust, scalable solution that can be deployed operationally to realise them. This can be tailored to fit your existing operational processes, environment and staff skill sets and could be as simple as a single script or model to drop into your existing database or tool set, through to a fully bespoke, stand-alone piece of dedicated software.

Deployment options range from the fully outsourced - hosted, run and maintained by ourselves - through to a full in-house installation with as much technology transfer and user training as required, in order to provide complete self-sufficiency.

Support & Training

In addition to providing ongoing support and maintenance for solutions we have provided, we can also provide short-term analytical support to clients who don't have the necessary skilled resource available to meet their current needs. We can also provide longer term support to in-house teams in a retained advisory role, or work alongside them in an R&D capacity.

We can also provide tailored training courses in all aspects of data analytics, both theoretical and practical, which encapsulate our extensive experience of using a wide range of different tools and techniques.

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